Coring the Moon by Kenneth Frost

Praise for Night Flight:

Here is an imagination so lively and detailed, so sensory and aural, it is no longer imagination. Kenneth Frost’s poems in Night Flight are reminiscent of Lautreamont in the way they embrace and invite the presence of creatures from the other side….delightfully. At the same time, his control is consummate in every line, his craft is unnoticeably exact, there’s not a word out of place. Refreshing. --Mani Rao

Praise for Time On Its Own:

Kenneth Frost writes poems with imagery that touches our nerve ends directly and demands our immediate response. His surreal juxtapositions are delivered for the most part with a slow jazzy beat. There is a poem for everyone here. Frost’s subjects range from landscapes to metaphysics, from spiders to theology…. In “The Figure-Skater,” Frost magically turns a female skater into a creator of universes and an archive of memories…. In “Buddy Rich On The Drums”… Frost pieces together one inspired image after another…. The poem ends in a holy froth mimicking that fiery drummer perfectly.  Well done. And efficacious as hell.  --Dennis Daly

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